July special: Get a DAR Vol. 1 Compilation for only one Bitcoin
Geschrieben von DarkAmbient am June 27 2011 - 22:03:14
 Nowadays, many non-profit organizations are accepting bitcoin as a payment method (for donations mainly). So does DAR -- even if only for a limited time.

What is bitcoin? Click on 'Mehr Lesen' below to learn about it .

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Basically, bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system -- similary to PayPal, only without a central company behind it. It's a currency without a state. Everyone can create money, provided access to decent hardware and some time & electricity is available.

So if you always wanted a DAR comp and never had the money for it -- and you are geeky enough to install a bitcoin pool mining program on a hand full or a dozen computers (hello admins!) -- you may be able to mine the neccessary 1฿ before the 31st of July. (But please, for ecological reasons, don't let computers run 24/7 that wouldn't be switched on otherwise).

Click here , then mail me the wallet address you used and your postal address using the contact form after you have transferred the bitcoin to me and I will send you a comp (incl. postage worldwide).

More information @ bitcoin.org

Happy hashing!


PS: To anticipate two ovious questions: No, we are not dumping this release. One bitcoin is currently traded for 12 or 16US$. And yes, we would support this currency beyond the end of July, it's just that we rather like to rely on our distributors instead of handling all the shipping of the compilations on our own. We run a radio, not mailorder.