Vol.2 available on mailorders
Geschrieben von DarkAmbient am December 10 2009 - 16:44:41
Vol.2 now available in the online shop of the Minor-Label.

Klick here for delivery conditions and more details about the mailorder!

I will let you know of other arrivals soon.

Erweiterte News
Minor is a nice little underground label and mailorder from Germanys dark ambient captial Leipzig, run by Thomas Wiedemann. Those of you who came down the techno or d'n'b alley towards dark ambient sounds might find it interesting. Quite experimental stuff there, mostly CD-r releases, totally off the mainstream. If this appeals to you, try lingering at the download page. (Tip: If you have Firefox, get the Down Them All plugin ;) ).

Shipping costs seem to be exactly what Deutsche Post charges: 1 CD (jewel case) -> 1,45 (large letter within Germany); so I deduce 3 for other European countries. PayPal requires extra fee. To the shop .