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DAR Compilation Vol. 3
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Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 3

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DAR Compilation Vol. 2
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Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 2

Available at your favorite regional mailorder:

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DAR Compilation Vol. 1
Sound samples on MySpace

Review auf Kulturterrorismus
Review auf Medienkonverter
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Review auf Club Debil
Reseña de Mentenebre

Compilation includes tracks by Ah Cama-Soz & All Sides, Dark Muse & Nihil Communication, Evoke Scurvee, False Mirror, Megatone, Mytrip, Nagual Art, Phelios, Phobos, Stephen Parsick, and Svartsinn

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Keine neuen BeiträgeCrepuscular - immersive audio structures [mixtape] CrepusculaR 75 0 03-07-2019 01:37
von CrepusculaR
Keine neuen BeiträgeThis Is Darkness Compilations Series CrepusculaR 256 0 01-05-2019 04:06
von CrepusculaR
Keine neuen BeiträgeCranioclast ‎– Cract On Sail (2018) CrepusculaR 351 1 13-02-2019 00:45
von DarkAmbient
Keine neuen BeiträgeNew album on Aural Films : A Matter Of Time And Solitude fzkwolf 307 0 04-02-2019 17:09
von fzkwolf
Keine neuen BeiträgeSecret Druid Society - Deep White Silence Secret Druid Society 769 0 06-06-2018 05:36
von Secret Druid Society
Keine neuen BeiträgeEssentia Mundi - new release "The Dark Orb" fzkwolf 837 0 04-05-2018 17:38
von fzkwolf
Keine neuen BeiträgeShrine "Harmony, Bliss, Rust" vile 817 0 27-03-2018 16:51
von vile
Keine neuen BeiträgeDark Ambient Release "On Water" fzkwolf 995 0 25-02-2018 07:49
von fzkwolf
Keine neuen BeiträgeTheodor und die Stille - Nagual Art follow up project volador 1139 0 10-01-2018 14:55
von volador
Keine neuen BeiträgeVA - Suiyase ( Kalpamantra ) CrepusculaR 987 3 03-01-2018 03:44
von CrepusculaR
Keine neuen BeiträgeFilivs Macrocosmi & Charadriiform "Form and Void" C-40 is OUT NOW gorgoroth 930 0 22-12-2017 07:06
von gorgoroth
Keine neuen BeiträgeNew album "Transform To Dust" fzkwolf 1068 0 09-12-2017 08:50
von fzkwolf
Keine neuen BeiträgeThe Forest fzkwolf 1645 0 25-05-2017 19:19
von fzkwolf
Keine neuen BeiträgeLast Unit - Lost In Crystal Canyons last unit 1862 0 17-03-2017 23:18
von last unit
Keine neuen BeiträgeDer dauernde Fluss/HAGEN von BERGENs HARGEST DARKEN Hargest Darken 1725 0 14-02-2017 00:45
von Hargest Darken
Keine neuen BeiträgeInner Vision Laboratory - Artifacts Inner Vision Laboratory 1263 0 05-02-2017 23:27
von Inner Vision Laboratory
Keine neuen BeiträgeSome albums that I (more or less recently) came across... betadecay 1223 0 05-02-2017 17:41
von betadecay
Keine neuen BeiträgeGlass Cabinett (Video) fzkwolf 1099 0 04-02-2017 18:43
von fzkwolf
Keine neuen BeiträgeGrey Frequency - Exhibition yy28 1172 0 03-02-2017 13:41
von yy28
Keine neuen BeiträgeNew cinematic dark ambient fzkwolf 1461 1 20-01-2017 09:09
von HvT
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DAR Compilation Vol. 4
Vol. 4 will be reserved for C3S artists. Estimated release not before 2016.

From the 30 projects that have expressed their interest, twelve have actually managed to register a user account till 30th of June (the deadline) and got access to the restricted forum area where we will brew the comp. (If I forgot one, please send me a message!). The projects are:

Angular Dreams
Argyre Planitia
Cyborg Project
Morgen Wurde
[ówt krì]
Secret Druid Society
Unsettled Dust

Find more information here.

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The Large
16 Jun : 23:01
23:00 CET Fjernlys: "A Gilded Sign" — I can't hear anything. Is the problem over there or just at this end...?

14 Jun : 02:59
Was it Depeche Mode that once said enjoy the........ sperm of as many men as you can find? Happy pride to the world!!

The Large
01 Jun : 00:47
The buddhist monks see (or rather hear) silence also as a part of music.

28 Apr : 19:31
Oops, accidentally pulled the network cable... sorry for the silence on Sunday.

The Large
24 Mar : 22:28
Something wicked this way comes.

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