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DAR Compilation Vol. 3
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Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 3

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Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 2

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Compilation includes tracks by Ah Cama-Soz & All Sides, Dark Muse & Nihil Communication, Evoke Scurvee, False Mirror, Megatone, Mytrip, Nagual Art, Phelios, Phobos, Stephen Parsick, and Svartsinn

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Momentan gespieltes Stück: Cisfinitum Kommentar anzeigen - Landschaft II Kommentar anzeigen
Kommentare zum Stück 'Landschaft II'
Von rws:Die verstörendsten Klänge, die ich seit langem hörte. Kunstvolle, fast unkenntliche Verzerrungen, teilweise von russischer Volksmusik, wie ich glaube. Tarkowskis Stalker kommt mir in den Sinn.
Kommentare zum Künstler/Projekt 'Cisfinitum'
Von Skymningsfolket:Leider etwas "gewöhnungsbedürftige" Seite für den, der schnell ans Ziel will...smiley
Von DarkAmbient:Eigentlich eine nette Idee mit dem Design, aber viele der Links sind leider tot, z.B. die Diskographie.

Auf der Homepage des Label Monochrome Vision finden sich wesentlich mehr Infos als auf der offiziellen Projekt-Homepage.

Ich würde ja gern mehr als vier Stücke ins Programm aufnehmen, aber auf Anfrage beim Projekt selbst bekam ich nur einen Link auf einen Life-Mitschnitt einer Noise-Party. Werds nochmal bei einem Label versuchen.


Die Landschaft-Tracks sind übrigens immer noch frei herunterladbar:

Cisfinitum schien Ende letztes Jahr zusammen mit Troum mal in Deutschland getourt zu haben -- schade, hätte ich mir gern mal angehört. Irgendwie erfahre ich von den meisten Sachen immer erst danach und so bald dürften sie lange Anreise aus Russland wohl nicht wiederholen... smiley
Von DarkAmbient:Update: Hab das Album 'Malgyl' gefunden, das wie 'Landschaft' ebenfalls unter einer Creative Commons Lizenz frei zum Download zur Verfügung steht.

Von DarkAmbient:Ein weiteres Album hinzugefügt: "Bezdna"

"Composed, recorded and mixed by Evgeny Voronovsky, 2003-2005
Using soviet synths: ANS, Polyvox, RMIF-TI3, Faemi Mini, Yunost-21,
Formanta UDS, Venetz AP-01 processor, Tom 1501, LM 1229 delay
Other instruments: violin, accordion, SP-303, SP-808, piano, voice, samples and tapes"

Album-Info und offizielle Presse-Info zu Bezdna:

"New album of Moscow-based project Cisfinitum is the experiment in more emotional rather than in musical domain. Deep and profound, it's touching the most dark corners of human soul and takes it to the imaginary otherworlds. This peculiar quality of Cisfinitum music is achieved through extensive use of soviet analogue synthesizers (ANS, Polyvox, Yunost-21, Formanta amongst others), but the spiritual beauty of "Bezdna" is also created by violin and omnipresent voices. Psychoactive dark ambient combined with melodic incantations.

'Bezdna' is transliteration of russian word that means hellhole. This album is like the look into future, which override curiosity by fear and constraint. The eerie atmosphere is getting even more dark because of guideline loss. No more chances left that it will ever be found again. The music is like to feel one's way, it gives you the clear statement of imminent disaster which can occur at any moment. On the more personal level, it can symbolize disappointment. But we can't witness disaster - stepping over the crucial moment, we just fall into prostration, where dreams become memories. The final part of album contains very depressive but solid and dense images, which forms the final impression of this album. It comprises yearning, insularity, deep mental drama, something usually hidden from public while going down with the weight sitting heavy on the heart. The reflexive aspiration for loneliness, raptured in despair, bring you to the somehow loss of gravity."

Weitere Infos von Monochrome Vision zum Projekt:

"Cisfinitum is the most promising project from Moscow. For some years, nothing was released except two CDRs, both distributed by obscure Insofar Vapour Bulk label through small like-minded mailorders (Drone Records always supported them and released 7" recently). The origins of Cisfinitum can be found in the first one, '0 vs. 0' - compilation of early tapes marked by the sign of conceptual radicalism. The second one, 'Landschaft', is most acclaimed up to date, premium quality dark ambient sounscapes divided into 4 parts. It combines atonality and melody, faded colours and crispness, psychological issues and lo-fi sound attitude. This unique approach credited by broken semiprofessional gear, soviet analogue synths, acoustic instruments and musique concréte elements. Cisfinitum means the system of 0 categories, invented by soviet paradoxical writer and philosopher Daniel Harms. The neolatin word 'cisfinitum' can be translated also as 'endless non-existence logic' and denotes irrational philosophical-mathematical system. This is the system of developing and iteration for irrational segments, which are containing in some relative entities with null factor. The descending numbers aren't restricted but embraced by null. This null-based scale of notation is defined by cisfinitum exploration. Unlike 'Landschaft', the next 'Malgyl' is more aggressive and diverse in terms of sound. Ultra dark and oppressive atmosphere is alternates with ataractic melodic fragments in Maeror Tri or Bad Sector type of vein. This 50-minutes long industrial symphony was intended to be released by Musica Maxima Magnetica, but still delayed. The most recent production of Cisfinitum is enchanced-CD 'V', released in 2003 by Waystyx and distributed by Cold Lands, presents the audiochemy methods, amalgamating classical compositions and tonal noise into continuos flow of sound. The music of Cisfinitum is physically exceptional, alienated, impartial. It takes you to the point of existance negation, where the time stops and world ending. Long-term state transitions, unexpected dynamic outbursts, desolate spaces, mind-frightening and psychoactive trainings... The sound quality turned inside out, fine introspection took over the belligerence. Something like sci-fi soundtracks from 80s - cold, dark and mysterious, but open-minded, challenging and realistic."

Dank an Dmitry Vasilyev von Monochrome Vision für Musik und Infos.
Von nexi:sehr schickes bild zum Landschaftsalbum musik muss ich mir noch anhören
Von sediment:ein geniales projekt. kennt einer die neue devotio? klasse teil, finde ich ...

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Problems with Winamp last two weeks
It seems many people still use Winamp to listen to the stream.

Two weeks ago, my radio software SAM Broadcaster began to create unaccaptable bad sound and I wasn't able to solve it. So I looked for an alternative and found a nice freeware: RadioDJ. Because the AltaCast plugin didn't work with the AAC+ encoder, I needed to connect RadioDJ to the stand-alone version of AltaCast via a virtual audio cable (VB-Audio). Getting it running was a rather painful experience.

But I got complaints from Winamp users being not able to listen to the stream anymore. So I requested some technical support to get SAM Broadcaster running again. This is how it looks, btw., a user interface style from 20 years ago:

SAM Broadcaster Screenshot

I think, I will switch to a Linux server somewhere in the far future and use Opus instead of AAC+. Hopefully more people have abandoned Winamp by then. But maybe bandwidth will be cheap enough to provide a mp3 stream for nostalgic reasons. :-p

The Internet Archive
It's the 1st of December and many organizations put their hat on the data highway and beat the drums to collect donatins.

A special case this year is the San Francisco based Internet Archive that wants to make a backup of its collection in Canada -- maybe to escape the reach of a Trumpian administration.
Since many years now, before soundcloud or even MySpace existed, I always found some pearls when I delved into the audio library. It seems to be the best place to carve something in stone on the internet. So if you have some bugs left in your pocket and you are thinking about donating it for some good cause, consider good old

I wish you all a nice contemplative winter time!
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