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DAR Compilation Vol. 3
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Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 3

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Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 2

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Compilation includes tracks by Ah Cama-Soz & All Sides, Dark Muse & Nihil Communication, Evoke Scurvee, False Mirror, Megatone, Mytrip, Nagual Art, Phelios, Phobos, Stephen Parsick, and Svartsinn

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Momentan gespieltes Stück: Sabled Sun Kommentar anzeigen - Dreams without a future
Kommentare zum Künstler/Projekt 'Sabled Sun'
Von DarkAmbient:There is one theme with dark ambient releases that tends to produce masterworks: post apocalyptic concept albums. The latest in a row with False Mirror's Derelict World and Tholen's Neuropol is 2145 by Sabled Sun.

Only now it was that I discovered a new label named Cryo Chamber, founded 2012 by Simon Heath who is also the man behind Sabled Sun. He might be better known by his older project Atrium Carceri. One thing notable about the label is that it's newer releases are available as 24 bit FLACs. A real progress, I think: With this dynamics range it is no longer necessary to use compression in the mastering process beyond the natural dampening of air. Anyway, the sound of 2145 is high standard even on a 16bit DAC. Can't wait to listen to it in my studio!

One by one, I will download the other Cryo Chamber releases. The sequel 2146 is already on the stream. Expect to hear more from Sabled Sun soon on this channel!
Von Atkror:Greate Album! Thx for posting!
Von fzkwolf:What a blast !
What a joy !smiley

Thks, Thomas !
Von fzkwolf:It's now available as a regular CD via ebay.

Really recommended.

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Sabled Sun Kommentar anzeigen - Dreams without a future
Argyre Planitia Kommentar anzeigen - Sea of Lead
Arcana Kommentar anzeigen - Gathering of The Storm
Maeror Tri - Cruor
fatagaga Kommentar anzeigen - Omegapunkt
Beyond Sensory Experience Kommentar anzeigen - Across the Divide
Tlen - Comprehension
Spear Kommentar anzeigen - Sound of Sands Kommentar anzeigen
Aspectee Kommentar anzeigen - Aspectee
Aidan Baker Kommentar anzeigen - Ängstlich
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Loki/Cyclick Law Event @ Urban Spree
Problems with Winamp last two weeks
It seems many people still use Winamp to listen to the stream.

Two weeks ago, my radio software SAM Broadcaster began to create unaccaptable bad sound and I wasn't able to solve it. So I looked for an alternative and found a nice freeware: RadioDJ. Because the AltaCast plugin didn't work with the AAC+ encoder, I needed to connect RadioDJ to the stand-alone version of AltaCast via a virtual audio cable (VB-Audio). Getting it running was a rather painful experience.

But I got complaints from Winamp users being not able to listen to the stream anymore. So I requested some technical support to get SAM Broadcaster running again. This is how it looks, btw., a user interface style from 20 years ago:

SAM Broadcaster Screenshot

I think, I will switch to a Linux server somewhere in the far future and use Opus instead of AAC+. Hopefully more people have abandoned Winamp by then. But maybe bandwidth will be cheap enough to provide a mp3 stream for nostalgic reasons. :-p

The Internet Archive
It's the 1st of December and many organizations put their hat on the data highway and beat the drums to collect donatins.

A special case this year is the San Francisco based Internet Archive that wants to make a backup of its collection in Canada -- maybe to escape the reach of a Trumpian administration.
Since many years now, before soundcloud or even MySpace existed, I always found some pearls when I delved into the audio library. It seems to be the best place to carve something in stone on the internet. So if you have some bugs left in your pocket and you are thinking about donating it for some good cause, consider good old

I wish you all a nice contemplative winter time!
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06 Apr : 21:04
Thanks for telling me. The Windows on the virtual machine wantet to upgrade itself to 20H2, resulting in strange side-effects that went away after restarting the whole VM...

06 Apr : 20:36
Hello, its me (again) smiley i think the server or the inet connection on your side needs a restart. Sound starts normal and after a minute it starts to stutter badly... and because all other even lea

27 Feb : 21:21
next day everything went back to normal and i have no clue why... smiley No rouer restart made, nothing and it is running again. *mystery* *g*

25 Feb : 14:50
Hmm, seems you are the only one. Did you resolve it or does the problem persist? (Just had a power outage here and needed to restart the server.)

22 Feb : 16:50
anyone got a errormessage while trying to open the stream (code File:
t:8835/ Code: -1 (FFFFFFFF) Message: Unknown Error ? VLC/Aimp/winamp nothing workes since today

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