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DAR Compilation Vol. 3
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Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 3

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DAR Compilation Vol. 2
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Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 2

Available at your favorite regional mailorder:

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DAR Compilation Vol. 1
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Reseña de Mentenebre

Compilation includes tracks by Ah Cama-Soz & All Sides, Dark Muse & Nihil Communication, Evoke Scurvee, False Mirror, Megatone, Mytrip, Nagual Art, Phelios, Phobos, Stephen Parsick, and Svartsinn

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Eingetragen auf 19-01-2011 02:26
One nice discovery of the year 2010 was Fragment by Musica Cthulhiania aka Götz Müller-Dürholt. The project humbly devotes itself to produce background music for horror roleplaying games, to be more specific for the 'Call of Cthulhu' RPG published by Pegasus Spiele GmbH. (If you are not familiar with this and you like web comics, try The Unspeakable Vault of Doom to get some enlightenment.) The reason I post this little review is because this release deserves a bit more attention than as a game supplement. The style is described as "Dark-ambient, doom-jazz, horror-electronic and strange noises. Drone to minimal melodies." And just alone for bringing dark ambient together with jazz (like in the track Onncult), this little masterpiece deserves to be noticed. But there is more to be discovered in the 25 tracks of the 2CD -- just as the announcement promises. For example, the track 'Arkham Sanatorium' curiously reminds me of some sounds used in another hommage to Lovecrafts works: "The Music of Erich Zann" by Forma Tadre.

Not only is the content of high quality -- one easily recognizes the years of work (and probably self-experimentation during horror roleplaying). The marketing is quite smart as well as the release comes in three different versions:

A free 5-track-download (EP).
A 20-track mp3 download from the projects online shop.
A 25-track 2CD version to be ordered from the online shop.

But I've written enough. You can download the EP right away now and listen for yourself. But be warned: You will most likely soon find out that the EP is not enough and want more! smiley

(Sorry, if I sounded like a salesman, but I'm currently just just convinced. Please forgive my enthusiasm, should Fragment disappoint you.) Sende Private Message
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DAR Compilation Vol. 4
Vol. 4 will be reserved for C3S artists. Estimated release not before 2016.

From the 30 projects that have expressed their interest, twelve have actually managed to register a user account till 30th of June (the deadline) and got access to the restricted forum area where we will brew the comp. (If I forgot one, please send me a message!). The projects are:

Angular Dreams
Argyre Planitia
Cyborg Project
Morgen Wurde
[ówt krì]
Secret Druid Society
Unsettled Dust

Find more information here.

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20 Jul : 18:19
@vile: Thanks for asking, I'm still around but fairly busy with other priorities in life. Working on two new albums though (which to some might be good news -- the bad news is, it's not Dark A

25 May : 17:07
Ager Sonus - Book of the Black Earth: Again very nice classic drony dark ambient via Cryochamber -- apart from some piano chinking in two tracks

21 May : 14:33
the server tends to switch off itself these days. perhaps heat problems. will see...

08 May : 15:19
added two Comadescent albums

06 Apr : 15:06
I wonder what's up with Stephen Parsick. Haven't heard anything new from him for ages is he still around?

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