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Autor Robert Fripp and Brian Eno - the heavenly music corporation
Ecki Stieg

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Eingetragen auf 01-07-2007 18:27
This is one of two tracks from the first Fripp & Eno-Album "No Pussyfooting"

From "Wikipedia":

Fripp & Eno (No Pussyfooting) is a 1973 album by the British musicians Robert Fripp and Brian Eno.

The title refers to their quick and spontaneous methods of creating music; each piece is an improvisation, recorded directly to tape as it was created, without further overdubs. This was the first collaboration between these two musicians. It could be considered an album of Ambient music, although its recording pre-dates Eno's coining of the term.

Each side of the original vinyl album was taken up with a single piece of music.

On side A, "The Heavenly Music Corporation" the sole sound source is Fripp's electric guitar, played through a tape loop system devised by Eno. This involves a re-circulating tape loop, onto which Eno would send selected portions of Fripp's output signal. Once thus captured, these musical phrases would continue to playback in a loop, while Fripp played further material over the top. By selectively enabling or disabling the record and erase modes on the system, Eno could remove portions of the loop, or add further new layers on top of the existing material. The result is a dense, multi-layered piece of ambient drone music. Fripp described the experience of improvising over the tape loops as akin to "trying to steer a battleship".

Side B consists of a piece called "Swastika Girls", named after a set of pornographic postcards that were lying around in the studio. This uses the same technique as "The Heavenly Music Corporation", but with the addition of a looped synthesizer sequence by Eno, using an EMS VCS 3.

Fripp and Eno used similar techniques that eventually became known as Frippertronics on their 1975 follow-up album, Evening Star.
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26 Jan : 17:01
I have to think about an alert that not only tells me if the connetion is gone, but also notifies me about longer periods of silence ...

The Large
09 Jan : 22:24
Scary sounds.

01 Jan : 17:10
Have a great 2023 ! with more and better music ! cheers !

19 Dec : 15:16
Good radio buddy. I like it that it's one channel but still versatile.

The Large
08 Dec : 20:31
Nice to have the stream back. Good songs mixing in one after other creating a neverending flow of rhythm.

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