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Autor RUSSIAN ALCODRONE party. 15.03.2013 Russia. Saint-Petersburg

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Beiträge: 17
Eingetreten: 30.03.10
Eingetragen auf 10-03-2013 11:32
RUSSIAN GUD'BA. russian alcodrone party.
evening for drone & noise & alcohol!
15.03.2013 Russia. Saint-Petersburg

team members:
Maruun, Aquarellist label, Kshatriy, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Zhelezobeton label,
Rajfajh, Koshini, Pot'ma, Kul'tfront label, X3D5, Vespero, Vihod, Toxi-X,
A.T.M.O.M, VJ Alco, Noises Of Russia, New Orthodox Line, Baltic Wind

about the event:

Recently one guy told me that drone was invented by the Russians, like, as early as in the 10th or 11th century. They had a special kind of Russian entertainment called GUD’BA. It was intended for those who was sick and tired of singing songs, playing wooden spoons, in short – tired of following the melody because of being too drunk...
So, a group of people, most likely men, continued boozing for 2-3 days (holidays, like) and, after bringing themselves to an appropriate condition, made noise and droning sounds using the objects at hand. This “action” included drunk vocal drones, scratching various surfaces with various objects, blowing the hogweed and knocking. Such droning never stopped during the entire period of booze. So, you can imagine what it was all like smiley
It is from those times that the word zagudet’ (to drone) appeared in Russian lexicon and survived till present time, albeit with "trimmed" meaning.
In short, that’s it.
Welcome to Russian Drone, dear comrades and non-comrades!
Consuming alcohol (bought from GEZ) in big quantities is strongly recommended, as well as droning, shouting, screaming, scratching, voice drones from the public, greetings etc..
The public is warned that they are attending the event at their own risk. Pregnant and nursing women and persons with delicate mental health are not recommended to attend the event.


GEZ-21. Russia. St-Petersburg.
start 20.00
fee 200 rub.

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