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DAR Compilation Vol. 3
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Compilation includes tracks by Ah Cama-Soz & All Sides, Dark Muse & Nihil Communication, Evoke Scurvee, False Mirror, Megatone, Mytrip, Nagual Art, Phelios, Phobos, Stephen Parsick, and Svartsinn

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Autor Alchemic Sound museum releases
Alchemic sound museum

Beiträge: 1
Eingetreten: 22.10.11
Eingetragen auf 22-10-2011 12:30

Hi,our first release is still available at

"La Haine Primordiale" is the first album in the chronology of the saga of Nors'Klh (occurring before the album La Montagne Vivante).

In this chapter, we follow the last moment of a humanoid: the loss of his wife and daughter murdered by himself, his psychosis growing and becoming organic matter, his descent into hell .... All these phases which give birth to an entity informs, and ultimately undergo a mental and physical maelstom.

Musically, "La Haine Primordiale" mix ambient, neo-classical, post rock, electro and black metal, all that in a rich dark tones and emotions.

Also appears on a song, the strange voice of the one-man band Fun Lilith Loki, which it infuses the need to sink deeper into madness and melancholy.

01 - Préface Au Néant
02 - Les Derniers Spasmes D'une Humanité Refoulée
03 - Adieu Comptines
04 - L'architecte du Corps De Destruction
05 - Dans La Nef D'un Chaos Organique
06 - La Brisure Du Premier Touché
07 - La Haine Primordiale
08 - L'ébat Prophétique
09 - A L'horizon D'un Maelström Psychique
10 - L'ultime Vision D'un Ange

a review of this fantastic release

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Autor RE: Alchemic Sound museum releases

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Beiträge: 63
Eingetreten: 24.10.09
Eingetragen auf 23-10-2011 01:33
This is a very nice album indeed.
I was quite sceptical when I first saw it (thought it would be a bit too pretentious) but was hooked right away when decided to give it a try. Very interesting project and I'm looking forward to see a new release on First Fallen Star as well.

PS: And it's available at our mailorder as well...

Visit our mailorder:
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