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Autor stephen parsick: drones and shimmers

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Beiträge: 399
Ort: Pudding City, Eastern Westphalia
Eingetreten: 25.02.07
Eingetragen auf 10-04-2009 11:29
Hi all,

I´ve got a new download-only album out on Here´s the link:


And here´s some little extra info, thanks for reading:

"shimmers" was recorded in may 2001 during my personal rehearsals for the upcoming ['ramp] concert at jodrell bank radio observatory. it was performed entirely on a yamaha yc-30 organ, run through a roland re-301 chorus echo and some external devices. you can hear the shimmering sound of the yc-30 throughout ['ramp]´s entire "oughtibridge" album, and a brief snippet from "shimmers" even formed the transition between the tracks "stern" and "spinegrinder" on that album.
"working the soil" and "cultivating the sky" were recorded at my place in moers in late 2000 and early 2001 respectively. "working the soil" was recorded during my rehearsals for the "ceasing to exist" sessions that were to take place a few days later. as on "ceasing", i used the exquisitely rare rmi kc-2 keyboard computer and a lexicon jamman to create a drone of ever shifting tonalities. "cultivating the sky" was recorded in early january 2001 and used basically the same technique, although i transposed the layer to a different key. both tracks are slightly reminiscent of eno´s "music for airports"… an album i discovered a lot later!
"steel tamboura" was originally created in july 2000 on nothing but an e-bowed lap steel guitar, a lexicon jamman, and some outboard devices. i returned to the original idea in late 2002 when i sampled some bits from the early improvisations into my electrix repeater. this allowed me to create even more complex textures and layers which i then looped and layered on two oberheim echoplexes which were running at different loop times. some parts of these loops were later used for the "a declaration of war" concert by ['ramp] and the track "orange moon" (on the loopers´delight vol. 3 album) which was a collaborative effort by markus reuter and me. this version here is the result of an extensive editing session which helped to cast this recording into something more palatable. being no trained guitar player, i kind of like the result, though.
"into the eye of god" was recorded in september 2001 and became the first experiment with my newly acquired oberheim echoplex. together with the jamman, i used the edp as a basis for creating loops from my own voice, layered with massive poly-tonal chords from the yamaha yc-30 and yc-45d organs. in addition to this, i played a looped and layered bass drone on the yamaha cs-80 and added a few string and choir sounds from the roland vp-330 vocoder plus. i later used a very similar technique for the "caverna larvarum" concert, and many of the ethereal textures used on that recording even generated from this "eye of god" session.

"Wer sich am kommerziellen Musikgeschmack orientiert, dient der Reaktion." (Einstürzende Neubauten, 1981)
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26 Jan : 17:01
I have to think about an alert that not only tells me if the connetion is gone, but also notifies me about longer periods of silence ...

The Large
09 Jan : 22:24
Scary sounds.

01 Jan : 17:10
Have a great 2023 ! with more and better music ! cheers !

19 Dec : 15:16
Good radio buddy. I like it that it's one channel but still versatile.

The Large
08 Dec : 20:31
Nice to have the stream back. Good songs mixing in one after other creating a neverending flow of rhythm.

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